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To describe a work on paper by Fernand Léger, it is often mentioned its reproduction in the book by Jean Cassou and Jean Leymarie (Editions du Chêne, Paris 1972).

This book, retracing some 250 works is reliable in the opinion of the Committee Léger and can serve as a reference.

This book was subsequently used as a basis for building a website ( In 2017, we conducted a first in-depth examination of the numerous works presented. The audit was then satisfying, a very small number of works (less than 5) in our opinion requiring further examination.

Among the updates made since then, we have identified a worrying number of works that we do not recognize, or even works we had in our hands and for which we refused to issue a certificate (some of them was certified otherwise).

We inform professionals and amateurs that this site can not constitute an official reference to rule on the authenticity of a work by Fernand Léger.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any certification.

The Léger Committee team