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SINCE 2016

The Comité

The Comité Léger, under the auspices of Nadia Léger’s grandson and great-granddaughter, issue notice of inclusion in the catalog raisonné in preparation. It can also issue opinions on several artworks such as lithographs, bronzes, ceramics and mosaics.

The Comité meets once a month.

A notice of inclusion can only be issued upon inspection of the artwork by the Comité. No notice can be issued with only a photograph.

Every submission to the Comité is held in the archives.

Notice of inclusion are issued in a single copy. In case of loss, no duplicates will be issued.

The Comité Léger pledges to intervene independently, free from all conflicts of interest, within a strictly defined ethical framework and rigorous administrative management.

Our services

Submission of artworks

If you wish to submit work for authentication, please send by post or email ( a file imperatively including the following:


Cost of certificates

There are four possible costs depending on the size of the artwork: 400, 800, 1200, and 1800€. In the event that a submitted artwork is not recognized as authentic, a one-time research fee of 120€ will be charged.

Payment: upon reception of invoice.


Drop-off of artworks

Works can only be dropped off by appointment at the following address:
Comité Léger, 23 Bessières, 75017 Paris

To make an appointment:
For artworks outside of the French territory, one or more members of the Comité can travel. Costs incurred will be charged to the applicant.